Auto mechanic pouring new, clean engine oil into a funnel into an engine

Credible, Competent Car Care
Greg’s Auto of Le Center, MN provides ASE Certified automotive repairs and maintenance on all makes and models of cars, vans, SUVs, and light trucks.

Operating as a full-service auto repair shop and NAPA Auto Care Center, we are well equipped to handle all preventive maintenance tasks as well as complex mechanical repairs. Whether you’re our neighbor right down the street or you’re bringing your car to us from Montgomery, Lonsdale, or New Prague, we treat every customer with the same friendly local service and provide only the best in automotive work.

Our auto shop located at 416 S Maple Ave. Le Center, MN is outfitted with three service bays, heavy duty auto lifts, the latest in computer diagnostics, and competent manpower. Bring your vehicle to Greg’s Auto for all things repair and maintenance… it’s just that simple.

AC Repair

When your vehicle is losing its cool, you can keep yours by bringing it to Greg’s Auto. We can inspect your car’s air conditioning system to see exactly what is going wrong. Beyond finding the problem, we can also fix it.

  • AC Leak Tests
  • Evacuation and Recharge
  • Replacement Parts and Belts

Contact us to schedule an appointment today.


When it comes to brakes, they MUST work… it’s just that simple. A fully functioning brake system is crucial to everyone’s safety and even the slightest issues with automotive braking should not be ignored. If your vehicle squeaks, grinds, pulls to one side, requires increased distances to stop, or has a spongy pedal when you apply the brakes then it is time to bring it to Greg’s Auto immediately.

Our trained technicians can correct all issues related to your brake system:

  • Entire Brake System Inspections
  • Leak Detection
  • Master Cylinder Corrosion Repair
  • Replacement of Broken or Rusted Bleeder Valves
  • Replacement / Repair of Rotors and Drums
  • Pneumatic Parts Replacement (Pads and Shoes)
  • Removal of Harmful Varnish Build-up
  • Brake Fluid Changes
  • Caliper Lubricating
  • Parking Brake Adjustment

Computer Diagnostics

Greg’s Auto provides the best computer diagnostics in town and is comparative to that of any dealership around. Whether it is just a faulty sensor or a true mechanical issue, with our advanced diagnostics we can quickly pinpoint the issue and take the necessary steps to correct it.

We regularly invest in upgraded scanner software and stay up-to-date with the sophisticated control centers installed in today’s new vehicles. When a dash light comes on make sure to bring your vehicle to us ASAP so minor issues don’t have the time to become major issues.

Oil Changes

Getting your car’s oil changed on a regular basis is your first defense in keeping your car running properly. When it comes to engine oil the process works like this — you drive, your engine heats up, oil moves through the engine acting as a lubricant to keep all the components operating smoothly, the heat from the engine breaks down the oil, repeat daily. But after so long on repeat, the oil breaks down to a point that it can no longer do its job properly. If not changed, that old oil can cause serious mechanical issues.

You can lengthen your vehicle’s lifespan by having Greg’s Auto perform regularly scheduled oil changes based on your car’s specific recommendations. Call to schedule an oil change today… 507.357.4556.

Note: It is recommended to have the oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every 3 months; unless otherwise indicated in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Transmission Services

Your vehicle’s transmission is easily one of the most complex machines under the hood, and when it has a problem — large or small — you will likely notice it. Transmissions come in manual, automatic, and performance (for heavy loads and racing vehicles); at Greg’s Auto we service them all.

When it comes to transmissions, we: rebuild, reseal, replace, readjust, and repair.


Keep your vehicle moving at optimal performance with an engine tune-up from Greg’s Auto. A tune-up is the thorough inspection of your engine’s various components, and slight adjustments here and there will go along way in keeping your vehicle running stronger for longer.

Engine Tune-Ups at Greg’s Auto include inspection and adjustment of*:

  • Spark Plugs
  • Wires
  • Oil Levels and Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Air Filters
  • Coolant Levels
  • Ignition Timing and Idle

*Adjustments and/or replacements are performed after an inspection only if needed.

Foreign and Domestic

At Greg’s Auto we will work on just about anything with four wheels and an engine — all makes, all models, foreign, and domestic. Our service bays have been home to Ford trucks, family sedans, mini vans, old time classic cars, and even a Packard Clipper. We are equally confident under the hood of a 1970s car as we are a 2018 SUV. So no matter what you drive, give us a call and make an appointment today.